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Fifth Grade Activities Information 19-20

Dear Parents,

 I am excited for the upcoming year. In order to accomplish everything, we have planned for our 5th graders, I will be holding some fundraisers, as well as collecting $50 from each of you.

          The $50 will help go towards:

  • Baba the Storyteller Program
  • 5th Grade T-Shirts
  • 5th Grade Tiles
  • 5th Grade End of Year Activities
  • 5th Grade Riley's Farm field trip


Brittany Rosenthal


I will make the order for the 5th grade t-shirt on October 6th , so PLEASE make sure to turn in the tear-off below with $50 no later then September 27th! If you are unable to give $50 please reach out to me. Every student is included no matter what!



(Please return this form with $50 to you student’s teacher by September 27th)

Make checks payable to Carver PTA

5th Grader Name

First: ___________________________ Last:_______________________________

Students T-Shirt Size (please circle)

-Youth Small                                                    -Adult Small

-Youth Medium                                               -Adult Medium

-Youth Large                                                   -Adult Large

-Youth XL


NEW Carver 5th Grade Activities Hub

5th Grade Activites HUB

Hello Parents,

 We have a new central location for all things 5th grade activities. In order to comply with PTA rules, we created a dedicated Facebook Group attached to our Carver PTA Facebook page. This group will have all information pertaining to 5th grade activities this year, any sign ups happening, and any questions you may have can be communicated here. As always, I will be sending out emails in conjunction with anything posted on this Facebook Group, so if you don’t have Facebook don’t fear you will still get all information.

Carver Elementary School PTA - 5th GRADE ACTIVITIES"

In order to find the Carver 5th grade activities group, search the above.