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Hello Carver family,

This is shaping up to be a great year. Students are excited about learning, and our teachers are working hard to provide a world class education for our students. How do people get better at reading? They get better by reading a lot. Research also shows that students learn new vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills from reading. It is good to ask comprehension questions about what your students read, too. You can help your student(s) improve academically and build family bonds by reading the same book with your student(s) or reading your own book side by side as your student reads his/her book. Students can access ST Math throughout the school year to improve their conceptual math skills. Our students who completed 100% of ST Math before testing did extremely well. Students who read and discuss books on a regular basis outside of school are research proven to get higher ELA scores, too. Growth mindset...working hard pays off with great gains!


Goooooo Cougars!

Cougar mascot