The great teacher is not the man who supplies the most facts, but the one in whose presence we become different people.


Ralph Waldo Emerson


  Education should be the process of helping everyone to discover his uniqueness, to teach him how to develop that uniqueness, and then to show him how to share it because that’s the only reason for having anything.


Leo Buscaglia

“Upon our children-how they are taught- rests the fate- or future- of tomorrow’s world” B.C. Forbes

Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best...




Monaghan, Matthew Principal

Office Staff

Delgadillo, Yosie ex.221 Office Supervisor
Melgosa, Jessica ex.222 Intermediate Office Assistant (IOA)

Support Staff

Balmeo, Annemarie ex.223 Counselor Wednesday
Eriksen, Sharon ex.225 Sr. Health Assistant
Guinan, Anthony Custodian Supervisor
McDougall, Julie Rec. Leader
Salazar, Eva ex.276 Cafeteria Supervisor
Santa, Brandi ex.226 Psychologist Wednesdays
Smolin, Teresa ex.225 Nurse

Special Ed and Intervention

Hall, Tracy ex.115 Intervention Specialist
Hardy, Heidi ex.103 Speech Language Therapist
Koenig, Nancy ex.120 RSP Teacher


Carungcong, Megan Vocal Music Teacher
Gallandt, Robert Instrumental Music Teacher


Davis, Lorrie ex.102 Kindergarten
Jarzomb, Nancy ex.101 Transitional Kindergarten
Knox, Rochelle ex.106 Kindergarten
Pravednikov, Christy ex.104 Kindergarten

First Grade

Ahrens, Sara ex.108 1st Grade Teacher
Cantu-Pacheco, Elaine ex.110 First Grade Teacher
Luzzi, Jeana ex.109 1st Grade Teacher

Second Grade

Davison, Leslie ex.116 2nd Grade Teacher
Dorsey, Cheryl ex.112 2nd Grade Teacher
Rudd, Vickie ex.119 2nd Grade Teacher

Third Grade

Farol, Maritoni ex.113 3rd Grade Teacher
Hoyt, Nancy ex.114 3rd Grade Teacher
Richey, Erin ex.117 3rd Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade

Mathews, Candice ex.138 4th Grade Teacher
Schwenzfeier, Dominique ex.137 4th Grade Teacher
Wallace, Karen ex.139 4th Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade

Briand, Deborah ex.123 5th Grade Teacher
Carmean-Mathieu, Karen ex.124 5th Grade Teacher